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This last few weeks have been some of the most bittersweet to me thus far in my motherhood journey. Milo is learning SO much right now. He is a sponge. He does funny things and he knows it. He is so observant and so content and busy doing his important things like hiding toys in the corner of the couch and carrying his Milo treasure around in his little red bucket. And he needs me. He holds my leg when I'm working in the kitchen. He wants to be held while I'm making his bottles. He wants to be right there with me when I'm doing my makeup. He likes to help me pick out what to wear. He is such my little buddy.
Next Saturday, my little munch is turning one. And I haven't figured out quite yet why that thought is bringing me to tears almost daily. Maybe it's because I'm afraid it's going too fast, and it's going to run out, which is silly, because I'm going to be his mommy when he's 1 and when he's 10 and 15 and 30. But he changes so much so fast, and sometimes I wish time would just slow down and wait up for me!
I get really nostalgic for these days last year, when he was just about to come and when he just barely born. And I know next year I'll be the same way for these days. It's all just so good. SO good. Today is so good and yesterday was so good and tomorrow will be so good.
And I know one will be so good. But really, who gave the years permission to go into hyper speed as soon as I became Mommy?

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  1. When our baby turned one, we were camping with my husband's family and I remember laying with her in our bed in the cabin, just snuggling her and not wanting to put her down that night. I could not believe the next day would be her first birthday and I was so emotional. Those times are definitely bittersweet. Now I am glad she is 2 1/2 and that we are about to have our 3rd, I've decided that when I start feeling sad about losing my "babies" then it is time for another lol...just kidding! But you will love so many of his stages. Our son is 4 and I LOVE going to get him from preschool and seeing him outside playing with his friends, developing a little social life, exploring the world without me with him 24/7. He has learned so much this year being in preschool that I would not have had the patience to teach him.
    Go ahead and get all the snuggles in you possibly can and take lots of pictures and videos of these times. They fly by but what follows is soooo good too ;)