A Few Things

8:48 PM

We've been in Kansas the last few days celebrating spring break and playing with cousins! So glad we could make the trip. Currently we are somewhere between Dallas and San Angelo, Milo is zonked, Trevor is driving, and I'm trying to round up the last 5 days in my head, but that's too hard. So here's the important stuff:

1. BLONDE! It is officially done (by my sister! We are amateurs! She did so good!) And I'm happy to have that bright blonde back on my dome. Also, Trevor thinks this sweater is dumb. I think this sweater is great. 

2. I'm starting Insanity again tomorrow. I've been running the same mileage for years. I need something new. My muscles need something new. So I'll keep you posted on that one. Goal: get toned without losing cardio. 

3. Sisters are the best thing that has ever happened. We talk on the phone every day and we talked for h-o-u-r-s all weekend. My soul needed that!
4. This: because is there anything sexier than seeing your man loving on a baby?
5. Uncle Russ, my diving coach/boss/BFF/hero. We always love seeing him whenever we come to town!
6. My girls, whom I love forever. Every time we get together, we pick right back up where we left off. What would I do without them? We missed our Caitlin and baby Addi so much!
7. Our brother Garrett was randomly in Oklahoma City on business today when we were going home. Sibling reunion! Wish it could have lasted more than 45 minutes!
8. A sleepy boy after a perfect vacation. His cheeks were so rosy today. I was dying over those things. 
So fun. And yes. We have been in the car for a million hours today. I'm so ready to fall asleep tonight and get back to our thing tomorrow!

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