11.5 Months of Milo

7:36 AM

I can't believe it either. Wasn't I just in the hospital staring at my newborn little munchkin?
I have to admit that it is kind of killing me that Milo is almost 1. I love every new thing he learns and every new stage, but it is going too darn fast. I already miss yesterday! I mean seriously, wait up, baby!
 Pre-work kisses, always.
 He's been working hard on his top teeth lately. They're coming, they're coming!
 He still likes to get stuck behind the treadmill.
 A picture because, sleeping baby, you know?
 Cheeser. I die over that baby tum and mohawk.
 Socks on the hands, because we all know they don't stay on his feet :).
He finally hit almost the 20%!! Yay Milo!!!

Other highlights:
- He learned to scream and practices his voice all the time
- He likes to hide things in the corners of the couch
- He is an expert at waving
- He likes to open and close his mouth and make a pop sound
- Favorite toys: empty cans, spoons to use as drumsticks, water bottles, his red bucket filled with Milo treasures
- He dances every time he hears music and I love it so much.
- Good sleeper! Wakes up at 7:30, naps at 11 and 4, bed at 8.
- He is a squirmy little guy. I got him to read stories on my lap this morning for 5 minutes and felt like we had the best cuddle session in months. It was awesome.
- He loves being carried around and having Momma and Daddy close
- He is so observant. He looks around and takes everything in and explores nonstop.
- He is such a good little walker. He officially walks more than he crawls because it is faster.

I LOVE him!!!

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  1. Milo is gorgeous! They seriously do grow way too quickly, I still call my son my baby and he's 19 months old. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! My son is the same with the squirminess, I only get cuddles out of him if he's ill!