Why I Like My Saturday Workout

7:51 AM

Dear World,

It's Saturday! And that means tomorrow is my day off! I always love my Saturday workout, because it seems just a little easier since it's the last one of the week. I like to go a little harder on Saturday. For me, working out Monday through Saturday isn't too rough because I always know I'll have Sunday off, no contest.

For the last few years, I've been one of those people who just runs. I've done Insanity videos here and there, and went through the P90X program a couple of times (that one was mostly because I did it with a friend and HELLO 45 minutes of girl talk every day!) but I always feel like I get the best calorie burn in the least amount of time by running. Plus, our greatest purchase in our marriage thus far has been our treadmill. When nap time hits, I set up netflix and just go. And let me tell you, those endorphins do wonders for my day!

THE BEST running pants I've ever owned. More on that next week!
I know I need to start incorporating some weights into my workout. At the same time, all this baby carrying is giving me some pretty killer arms, so if I'm being honest, I can very well see myself letting my strength training continue to come from everyday life. However, my abs are mush these days, so I should probably start doing a little less of a mindless mileage workout (AKA excuse for catching up on shows) and incorporate some strength training. Sigh- it's a toss up.

What's your favorite way to run your workout routine? I've been all running all the time for years and I'm not sick of it yet, but some days are surely harder than others. But until I do actually decide to switch it up... you can find me in my living room sweating it out to Downton Abbey. Cause nothing revs me up like old school British people, you know?

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  1. I love weekend workouts too, it's so nice for me to workout without having to worry about coordinating with my boys alone and my husband can push the double stroller when we run together :)

    PS. Really appreciate your kind word about my artwork, means the world! xo

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally need to get back into working out. I like to run while listening to audiobooks. I'm sure if I had a treadmill I'd watch tv, but we don't =[. I love me some old British people, too. I actually watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel just for that reason. My husband got home when I was in the middle of watching it and he was like, What are you watching and why? I was like, old British people, hello. Professor McGonagall, hello.

  3. Your pants are so cute. I don't run, but I like to take a spinning class. Where are those pants from?