The Latest Milo-isms

7:27 PM

He waves! He waves! Whenever someone says hello, he will be there waving his little arm like his life depended on it.

When we say, where's Momma? Where's Daddy? Where's your milk? HE KNOWS! My smart, smart boy :).
He's a total flirty heartbreaker. And he SO knows how to turn on the charm. He's learning all the smooth moves from his daddy :).

He loves drumming on things, playing with toys that aren't actually toys (not a new development), and walking. He also LOVES sneaking and playing peek a boo. Sometimes I catch him laughing at me from across the room because he found a funny hole to peek at me throughg. It's the best.
He likes to give me open mouth kisses. And I am very ok with it. My LOVE!
 Motherhood is officially a good workout. I wake up with sore shoulders and forearms from crawl tag, sore arms and back from holding him on my hip all day, and sore buns from squatting with him in my arms. Nothing I'd rather be sore from than picking up this little munch all day long.
I am such a fun mom. I think of the best toys for Milo. Such as spoons and formula canisters.


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