7:50 AM

Sometimes I look at the scene at my apartment, and one word comes to mind: "classy". And these, my friends, are my Momma-fessions.

Sometimes Milo stays in jams until 1:30 in the afternoon. It's just that footies are so cute. Also let's be honest if he's in jams I'm in sweatpants.

I often find myself chasing my child around (!) with pop tarts (!) because some days it doesn't matter how hard I try to strap him in and feed him eggs and cheese and bananas,

When Trevor is home, we like to tag team diapers these days. AKA Trevor holds him down while I do the wiping. It is unbelievable how strong 1 tiny boy who wants to flip over and stand up so he can play with the light switch can be!

Whenever Milo wakes up, I try to make cuddle time happen in the rocking chair. Sometimes I get a full 60 seconds! I will not give up!
Milo's baths last about one minute. This is because he likes to climb and walk around in the tub and be a daredevil and it makes me fear for his life. Little boys, I tell ya.

Sometimes in the afternoons I strap Milo in his carseat and we just go. To the store, to take pictures for work, whatever. But we love getting out on the town and sometimes it's necessary to get out of the house!

If he falls asleep on the way home, SOMETIMES I can get him out of his carseat and into the rocking chair taking a nap with me. BEST.

Mantra from my mom: "If he's safe and happy, leave him alone". She used to tell us this to get us to stop bothering our baby brother. I now understand her wisdom. If Milo wants to play with my empty yogurt cup for an hour, more power to him and DON'T INTERRUPT WHATEVER YOU DO! And if he's down for swinging the afternoon away, then you best believe you can find us at the park.
Probably the number 1 hardest thing I do all day is put pants on Milo. Judge if you want, but usually I come out the other side feeling like I just lost a boxing match.

When he does semi dangerous things, such as climbing stunts, I'm sure to take a picture before rescuing him from eminent peril.

Shoes. Wait, what? Last week when we put shoes on his little feet for the first time in let's not talk about how long, they made it so he couldn't walk. So off they went!

The following conversations happen frequently.
Stranger: "Oh, your baby is playing with {someone's nasty shoes} {a phone} {the dusty corner}"
Me: "Oh... yeah..."

Stranger: "Your baby is standing up in the grocery cart"
(ok this one only happened once)

Stranger: "His bottle fell on the floor"
Me: "Oh thanks... (I'll be sure not to give it back to him until I'm out of your range of vision because I know I should probably be more concerned about this than I am)"

Stranger: "Oh, does he have a cold?"
Me: "It's amazing how small of a target those little nostrils are when trying to use the booger sucker"

Doctor: "Putting babies to bed with a bottle is bad for their teeth (read: 2 barely teeth and gums)
Me: "Oops"
Seriously though, we play ALL day. He's a happy little guy and I am obsessed with him. I go to bed every night looking through pictures from the day and wishing I could go wake him up and play a little more. Every day with Milo is pure bliss. Even when we wake up and go straight from bed to bath because at least a couple of mornings a week there's a lovely blowout surprise waiting for me. We can only hope that eventually I'll even be able to get him to stop eating shoes!

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  1. Let's be real. I'll be wearing sweats and my babe will be waring footie pajamas for the first 3 months ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Oh my goodness, your son is a cutie!

  3. Love your style, your blog, and that sweet little boy!! Glad I found you, excited to follow along!


  4. Oh girlfriend, as a mama of threw boys, I will tell you that 'safe and happy' is happy for mom. We say as long as there are no tears, we are good ;)

  5. Can I just say AMEN to this whole post?! Cause, AMENNNNNN!
    And you are the BEST mom!

  6. Awwww...tooo stinking cute. I can't wait until my lil man is big enough for me to play with! And I also wish that I could just hop in the car and ride because he loves it. Unfortunatley having a newborn in the winter doesn't make for fun OR quick car rides.

    Miss Rockwell