Momiform Dialogues: Why I Prefer Skirts

6:53 AM

It took me a lot of years to realize that when you're a girl, you can dress up as much as you want and still pull of casual. I never wore skirts to high school or college classes, and now I wear skirts all. The. Time. Why do I love skirts?

1- They are so feminine! I love dressing girly and pretty for no reason at all.

2- They always make an outfit look put together, and it's easy to keep it from looking like you're trying too hard.

3- I mean, when it comes to the comfort battle between tight pants or a skirt... skirt will win every time! Especially in Texas where the breeze offered by a skirt can be a life saver in the summer.

4- They are so versatile. A good skirt can create SO many new outfits. Add a belt. Add a scarf. Wear it with one of your zillion shirts. Pull it up to your waist and wear it with a short shirt that doesn't fit well with pants and you had all but ruled out.
Simple and pretty are surely 2 of my momiform requirements, and skirts are my favorite "fake fancy" go to!

Do you wear skirts on a regular basis?
I definitely didn't used to until I discovered their power and comfort.

XO and Happy Thursday!
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