Life Lately

4:14 PM

Once upon a time last week, we babysat 5 extra kids. It was SO fun and Milo loved having 5 new friends! Their house was very baby proof, thank goodness!!

He's getting pretty good at self feeding! Not so much go go squeeze though. That ended up all over him and his friend's chair.
 I think I know what Milo needs for his first birthday (which I kind of cry about daily right now. How is he almost 1???). Duplos! He loves them so much.
 Milo found the lunch box stash. So many containers to put so many things in and move them around!
 He also found the water bottles. So he filled them with Legos.
 AND he got to play on a little rocket car. If you want to ever see something really cute that makes you want to melt, just put a little boy on a rocket car. Oh my gosh.
 He cut 2 new teeth! Hello top teeth, and bye bye baby gums (sobbing again).
 We have been having PERFECT weather. Milo loves swinging and I love it too!!

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  1. Oh it sounds like he has been having a lot of fun lately! Oh how the time flies :D