Happy As A Clam

8:21 PM

I love this little guy. He has the most happy little temperament ever. The other day, I gave him my spoon and empty yogurt cup to play with and I'm not kidding, he fake ate air out of it for like an hour and a half. When he finds something he really likes, he plays and looks over at me for a smile every minute or so, then goes back to playing. Then he comes over and shows me, and we talk, and off he goes again on more adventures. I love being the reassuring mommy and that he likes me around! 

 He loves being held and carried around. Baby on my hip all day is just the very best thing. Also I'm getting some serious guns.
 He loves to walk and is always just SO proud of himself! We like walking out to the mailbox. He LOVES being outside and going on the swings.
 Again with the spoons, and the growling, and those 2 little teeth!
 And scooting his little train around. It is so cute that he's figuring out how to play and interact and be funny. I could sneak crawl and say boo ALL day.
We like to go shopping and wandering, and he loves sitting in his stroller (and then decides in a split second that he is done, so then I carry him around), and he loves standing in the cart. He smiles at EVERYONE. He does like to get a little bashful now, and hide his face in my neck. I will take him out every day for that one second if he'll keep it up!

When he wakes up, he likes to stand in his crib and sing little songs and talk about everything until I come get him. There's a mirror on the door that he can see me in, and I like to sneak around the corner and watch him until he spies me. And then he smiles HUGE and I hold him hostage in the rocking chair for at least 2 minutes. 

Love my happy little munch.

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