Guest Post: Courtney Brinkerhoff

5:00 AM

My beautiful friend Courtney is talking about body image and being an example for her main little lady today. Love her!

Hello new friends!! I'm honored to be posting today for Danielle, especially on a topic I feel so passionately about. It's interesting how becoming a mom has changed my way of thinking about my body and appearance! It's been a nice "awakening" to realize that the way I feel about myself will totally rub off on my little girl. And if I want her to love herself the way I love her, then I need to love myself that way!

I was fortunate enough to avoid self loathing until my adult days. I say fortunate because as teens we are still searching and trying to figure out who we are, we care too much what others think of us, etc. When I struggled majorly with my self image I was blessed to be married to a man who loves me no matter what, I had a sense of who I was, a strong testimony that I am a daughter of our loving Heavenly Father, and I also realized that I could take action and change my ways.

I was "blessed" with serious acne as my body experienced some hormone changes (hello birth control!) so I saw a dermatologist who was heaven sent and fixed my problems! But in the process I fell into a depression and I stopped working out, avoided my friends and hid from the world. I stopped enjoying things I once loved. When I realized what I had been doing, I immersed myself in the things I loved again! How can you not feel good about yourself when you are happy with life? When I'm taking care of myself, how can I not love myself? Whether it's regular exercise, eating healthy, working on growing spiritually, whatever it is, I think that we will grow to love ourselves more each day!

So my goal as a mother to a beautiful daughter is to show my love for my body, inside and out! In order to do that I actually have to love myself! I'd say I am in a really good place right now... of COURSE there are things I'd love to change, but I am trying my best to keep those thoughts inside so that my daughter will never hear my talking down on myself! So I will keep exercising, keep eating on the healthier side (I can't cut out my daily treats!), keep enjoying the things I love and *hopefully* Mia won't ever realize that she "should" be hating on herself (as society leads us to believe that we aren't "hot stuff" until we look like the models in their magazines) instead of enjoying life and the things she loves!

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  1. Hahaha! Mia helped me type this post and I thought I deleted everything! Looks like I missed the last little surprise at the bottom!!