Fun Fact Friday

8:35 AM

The first thing I did this morning: Not to start off on a negative, but last night I had a dream that someone kidnapped Milo. So the first thing I did this morning was walk out into the living room where the husb was studying, say "I had a bad dream", and bawled my eyes out. I mean what a way to start out the day!

I feel beautiful when: I'm carrying my cutest accessory- My Milo! Also, when I had a good workout that day, and when I took the 15 minutes to fix my hair and makeup and pick out a cute outfit (which-let's be honest- is another 15 minutes).

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Star Wars? Harry Potter, hands down. That story is sheer genius! Plus, I kind of love Emma Watson.

My guilty snack pleasure is: Pretzels and popcorn. I'm a salty carb fiend.

Favorite time of day: Various times for different reasons. I LOVE getting Milo out of bed in the morning and after naps. I LOVE the evening for time with Trevor and time to work when it's still in the house. I LOVE my morning run. I LOVE when Trevor gets home in the afternoon.

Favorite pasttime: Playing with Milo. Running. Talking to my sister and mom on the phone. Shopping. Pinterest.

My favorite flower is: Sunflower! Born and raised in Kansas. Represent.

Summer or winter? Summer EVERY day. Especially in Kansas where summer means an even mix of hot, sunny days and hot, stormy, rainy days. Ahhh.

Happy FRIDAY, my friends! If you need us, we'll be trying to stay warm. It's COLD out there!

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  1. 15 minutes to get ready?! Super mom!!
    I'm totally a salty carb lover as well!