6 Kids: Day 3

9:27 AM

We're in day 3! These kids are so fun. We've played chauffeur, had bath night, kissed booboos, cleaned up puke, bribed the little ones with marshmallows for eating their carrots, and learned that Milo isn't scary (and that he can't reach your Lego tower if you build it up on the chair).
When it's 6:30 and Milo is over it and the 3 year old is over it and the 5 year old is excited (read: loud) about everything and everyone is hungry and tired, it gets a little intense. Also, moms who regularly keep track of lots of kids are my heroes! We're glad to be staying with some kids who have been raised so well- makes our job much easier ;). She also planned rides and schedules and school snacks and everything ahead for us- so we're really in charge of the bare minimum here.
Obviously this ended in the boys climbing on each other in the cart through the store. 
Leave it to Milo to find all the water bottles and containers to put things in and move them around. This boy and his favorite pastimes!
3 year old buddy likes to give his fish some dinosaurs and lizards to swim with.
Tomorrow is when things get real: 6 KIDS WEEKEND EDITION!

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  1. Wow. Two kids for me is a handful.
    Also, I think in every other post is a picture of Milo at Target. He needs to just become their baby model.