Shoe Identity Crisis

6:56 AM

These hot pink boots are having a moment.
 {and they will be having several more until it's too blazing hot to wear them because, pink boots}
My whole adult life, I've known I wear a size 7 shoe. I wasn't ever a big shoe person until a couple of years ago, and now I'm always on the prowl for bargains. However, last winter, when I went through a shoe phase because I was pregnant and shoes still fit (at least in the morning) when clothes wouldn't, I discovered that I'm actually more of a size 6-6.5. And what's more, my right foot is bigger than my left after that exciting 9 months of baby growing. Crazy? Maybe. 
XO, Danielle

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  1. I'm definitely wishing I could pull off those pink shoes! You are rockin' it girl!!
    xo TJ

  2. You are ADORABLE! Love the boots.

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