8:05 PM

Dear Blog World,

To be honest:
I've missed having a sounding board for everything that enters my brain.
I've missed sharing glimpses of my non glamorous, uninteresting life.
I've missed writing about fashion with no shame.
I've missed having an outlet with an audience to write about whatever is in my head, deep or shallow, long or short.
I've missed associating with my friends in the blogosphere.

I've missed you.

But the good news is, my momma life is ready to rejoin the wonderful world of lifestyle blogging.
I want to talk about babies and clothes and health and life and love and everything in between.

So get ready, because I have
a lot of new ideas,
and a new baby,
and a lot of new clothes (oops).

And I'm bringing it back.

And I'm really excited about it.

XO, Danielle
(P.S. new beginnings mean new blog names. New URL: thegirlfriendletters.blogspot.com)

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