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8:16 AM

First of all, Monday was Trevor's BIRTHDAY! He even had a short day from school so we could party all day. We love him :)

Most days, I go to bed singing the song from Milo's airplane on a loop in my head. "Flying up, flying down, flying all around..." Basically my favorite song.

Milo is really loving practicing yelling. It's so darling also I have a headache. 

He is also climbing on everything. It cracks me up so much. He gets stuck in the funniest places. But seriously. If he wants to get somewhere, he will stop at nothing. Including flips over the front of the treadmill.

He has this thing for the cabinet with the trash can. So we invested in some child locks finally.

Speaking of child locks. Yesterday we found out that if you shake the box in his face, he LOVES it. He was cracking up all the way through walmart. Basically if you do something annoying at him, it will bust him up. He must be a boy or something.

He is happy and cuddly and sweet and he follows me around! And wants me! Now we're practicing waving and blowing kisses and dancing. Mostly he just stands there and smiling while I do those things to him. But that's ok because I like waving and blowing kisses and dancing.

He ALWAYS lays down in the cart at the store. It kills me.
He's a great assistant for work. When I make calls, he likes to yell his input in the background. He also likes to come with me to take pictures of houses. He has a great eye for these things so I'm glad I have him.
We are getting SO excited for Christmas! It's finally cold here, which isn't awesome, but I'm not even mad because the weather has been so nice up till now, and it will get warm again next week. So the Christmas tree will be going up today. In our room. Otherwise I will be pulling it off Milo for the next 2 months :).

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  1. Being a Mum of a boy is the best isn't it? Milo looks so cute in the shopping cart! That's so funny that you get the song from his toy stuck in your head, I'm like that all the time with the children's TV programmes that Caleb loves. My husband hates it when they get stuck in his head though as he finds himself whistling them at work :)