Party in Austin

8:48 AM

Big developments in the Hansen home:

We got kitchen chairs! Yes. After living in our home for 5 months, we finally sprung for some folding kitchen chairs at Target. $30 each. Totally worth the wait though... these things are the best!
 Milo loves popsicles. He and Trevor share them every day and Milo gets really mad if Trevor doesn't share. They have a great system worked out. Milo sucks out the juice, Trevor bites off the ice. Repeat.
 Those. Cheeks. We love the swings!
 This weekend, we went to Trevor's uncle's house in Austin for a cousin extravaganza. I love me a good family get together! The weather was gorgeous and Austin was beautiful. Who knew it was so hilly? Probably lots of people. Nonetheless, it was great. Highlights of the weekend were meeting baby Ellie and seeing Jacob after his mission! We are so glad uncle Jacob is home!
 Milo was so NOT into sleep this weekend. He is too much of a party animal.
 Family pictures!
 Uncle Jacob and Milo were instant bff's.
 Mmmmm babies.
 The brothers reunited! (We missed you, Tyler and Audrey and Poppa H!)
 Milo sleeps with his animals now. I melt.
 My mother in law is a total fox. Down 75 lbs since March! She looks AMAZING! Love her.
 Happy, happy boy after church. 
Now excuse me while I continue to enjoy late October and early November in Texas. High 70's and rain. I love this place!

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  1. Milo is so cute! My son Caleb loves swings as well, he would spend all day on them if he could! You getting kitchen chairs made me smile, after 4 and a half years of marriage, we finally have a kitchen big enough for a kitchen table and after living in the house for almost a year we bought a table! Happiness!

  2. Milo is absolutely adorable! My son loved otterpops at that age too :D Yay for kitchen chairs! It took us a while to get some chairs for our kitchen table. I remember when John and I first moved in together we had absolutely no furniture. The first couple weeks we just sat on the floor in the living room and ate ha ha!