Travel Anxiety

2:04 PM

If there's one thing that gets me stressed out, it's making flights. 

Trevor always reminds me that if you miss it, you can catch another one. But I've had WAY too many close calls for comfort. Airports are unpredictable. Maybe security will take forever. Maybe it won't. Maybe I'll have to walk across the entire universe to catch my connecting flight. And all the shoe taking off and backpack unzipping and bag checking and etc etc etc... AHH!

Throw in the mix traveling 2+ hours to get to the airport

Just me and Milo

Who is nursing around the clock.

So right now I'm furiously trying to cover EVERY detail of our travel tomorrow. I decided to take my big jogging stroller for the airport and check it plane side. I packed 2 extra outfits just in case of blowouts at the airport (Milo likes to keep me on my toes when we're out and about). A whole container of formula because what if he gets hungry right when we're in the security line? For 45 minutes?? Or decides he doesn't want to be in his stroller??

Any travel tips with infants are MORE than welcome at this point!!!

As are prayers that Milo is happy, gets hungry when I'm able to nurse him, and his little ears don't pop too much.
Sincerely, Travel Anxiety Central over here.

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  1. Good luck! It really is super stressful by yourself the first time! Sadly, that's the name of the game, but be willing to except help from others around you, everyone loves cute babies so I'm sure someone would love to help ya at the airport if you needed it. Safe travels aka hope for no blow outs!!!!

  2. It was a lot of work when I took Dexter, but it wasn't as bad as I imagined. Little kids don't have to take off their shoes, but I did have to take him out of the stroller only at the point right before getting screened. My TSA people both times were really nice about me being slow, and trying to help out. In Vegas they even sent me through a special old person line so I wasn't standing in the other long line for security...that was sweet. Just give your self lots of time, and ask for help if you need it. Definitely note where bathroom and water fountains are around your gate.

  3. okay, I am not even sure how I came across your blog but no matter.
    I've heard that nursing or giving your babe a bottle as the plane takes off helps with the pressure!
    good luck, I am sure you will do WONDERFULLY.