Our Week in Kansas

10:56 PM

We made it!
Milo and I just got back from our week long Kansas adventure to visit my parents. He was SO good while we traveled! Thank goodness, because those days were LONG!
After our 2 hour drive to the airport- he slept (almost) the WHOLE WAY! 
AND he fell asleep on my lap while we were on the first plane. Best baby ever.
Milo LOVED playing with Grandma and Grandpa!
Strollin around.
 We got to see Cait! It's been WAY too long and Milo loved meeting her. We are so excited for her baby girl to come in December!
We went to the petting zoo. Since obviously Milo really cares about the animals. :)
 Milo got some glow in the dark skeleton jams. I spent the day supercharging him in the light and then taking him into the bathroom and giggling about my glowing baby.
 I took my jogging stroller so we could run in the gorgeous weather. This little guy just can't help falling asleep every time.
 Dinner with my ladies!
 And my little mister turned 6 MONTHS while we were away!!! He is entering such a fun stage.
He smiles ALL the time
He scoots like a champ
and he talks like crazy.
Tomorrow he has his 6 month checkup!
 We loved being home but we are glad to be back with Daddy now! 
And I chopped my hair again (Thank you Kasey!). I love it. 


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  1. Oh my gosh, it looks like you guys had so much fun! I love all the cute pictures :D Glad you guys had a great time!