Redneck Fever

11:25 PM

Sometimes I feel like a redneck mom.
I'm singing my own personal theme song in my head as I type this.
(I'm a red red red red red red red red redneck... love me some Blake Shelton).

My baby has never worn shoes. 
He has worn socks maybe once in his life.
Seriously though, how could I hide those perfect pudgy feet? Then I couldn't kiss them all day!
I regularly change diapers on the floor in public.
I nurse him anywhere and everywhere.
Sometimes Milo stays up until like 10... 30... with us. My theory? If he's happy till that late, keep him up so he sleeps longer into the night for goodness sake!

He takes naps swaddled up on my lap or the floor or in bed with me all the time
I generally have spitup stains on my shirt.
Milo never wears pants.
I'm pretty much always rocking the dark eye circles.
He's pretty much always making some kind of sound. Luckily they are usually happy sounds. I love my squeaky, growly boy!
Let's be honest. As much as I like to seem put together, we're usually more messy than anything else.
I think I prefer it this way. :)

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  1. This post makes me happy! My son is always chatting away to himself and anyone that will listen. A friend of mine said a couple of weeks ago that they always thought I was so dignified and ladylike, but then he sees me crawling around on the floor after my son at church. I like this version of me :)