My Wiggle Worm

10:50 PM

It's official. Milo can now escape any swaddle/sleep sack/straight jacket I put him in.
Exhibit A:
Sleeping Milo
Angry Milo
 How we get from point A to point B is a mystery, but he always starts out horizontal and on his tummy, and somehow rotates 90 degrees and rolls over a few times. My own little roly poly.

Seriously though, this new rolling thing is a whole new ballgame. Gone are they days when I could leave the room for 2 minutes and know he'd be right where I left him. I now spend the day setting him in the lower right side of the carpet so he can roll over and over to the right. We're still working on the left side apparently :)

He's also been doing lots of super mans. This boy is going to have the tightest little buns in all the land!

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