Mighty Milo

11:35 PM

Just a bunch of random pictures of our last few days::

Game night at friends' house and I got the sleeping baby. Neener neener.
That one time when we strapped our swaddled Milo into his carseat and laughed about it for a good five minutes before we pulled ourselves together and actually left. Sometimes Trevor and I just think we are hilarious. 
Church! And please appreciate the wide open field to the side (it's a small airport) and behind our apartment. I'm in love.
 And I'm even MORE in love with this munchkin.
 Who is, as of the 15th, 4 months! 24 inches (10% and 11 lb 14 oz (3%). Doctor was impressed with his rolling skills and strength. Milo was impressed with the paper on the table. Not so impressed with his shots, however.
Sleeping off the trauma of 4 month shots.
 The cuddliest boy. Heavenly. Also, please note that the mark on my neck is, in fact, a curling iron burn. I'm not lying this time, I promise.
 Look at this guy holding his bottle like it ain't no thang. Secretly it lasted like 5 seconds. 
My little helper, doing my work with me. Glad I had his input today.
Also. Please don't think I'm conceited for posting a zillion pictures of myself and my child. I want to have a lot of pictures of me with Milo to go back and look at in the future. I also like my blog to show the reality of the ins and outs of our extremely exciting and glamorous life that I love so much. So, we all know he is the star of all these pictures, but I love to document our days together, so you're a little stuck with me too, bare faced and sweatpants and all :)

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  1. I love that you take pictures of you and your little guy! You can never have too many of those- You are going to love looking back on the 2 of you together! What kind of sleep sack are you using. (The green one) Ruby likes to be swaddled, and the only one I have is the one from the hospital. I'd like to get a few more!