Dallas Take 2

10:13 PM

Have I mentioned how much I love living near my sister/bff in Dallas? Because I do.
This week is full of finally getting tan at the pool, 4th of July barbecues, and cousins! We're in heaven. 

Trevor left today to go back to San Angelo and we miss him already. Long story short, I was going to drive back up next week with just Milo to go home for the weekend and send my little brother off on his mission to Brazil (!!!). We reconsidered that decision during the super fun 5 hour drive on Wednesday and decided I'd just stay through and fly home in a week and a half. So now... first time for Milo to be away from daddy... separation anxiety... and it's all making me really happy that I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've been away from my boy for more than an hour. Also I might be the crazy attached mom that throws a fit when her kids try to move out. Oh well, they can deal.

This boy is so much fun. He's starting to giggle! Only a tiny bit. But there is something about every new interaction that just makes my crazy inner mommy show. IloveitIloveitIloveit. 
I mean. 
 Yeah yeah. This is what most of our days look like. Especially when Milo decides to wake up all night long. Not cool.
 4th of July cousins! It's true, Milo is the tallest. He gets that from me.
 This is just everything I love summed up in one picture.
 Colton LOVES his baby "Miwo". Good thing he is getting his own baby brother soon!
 My boys.
 4th of July! 
Staking his claims on his bouncy chair. And eating his hand. Yum.
Snuggle bug at the pool.
This smile!!! Wahhh!!!! See. I told you. My crazy is showing. I love babies. I could sniff him and kiss his little cheeks and lips and tum all day long. Oh wait, I do.

Stay tuned for many more cousin adventures!
We miss you and love you, daddy!

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