5:50 PM

Milo is currently on his 3rd? 4th? nap of the day. I just finished my second. Yup, it's been that kind of day. A good day, but a drowsy, unproductive, sleep-deprivation-is-catching-up-with-me kind of day. And I'm kind of OK with it.

I forced myself to run, so I could feel good about one good accomplishment.

Milo spent a lot of time sitting on my legs smiling back and forth with me and blowing bubbles. I just love that.

No makeup, hair in a bun, need to shower. But there's nothing quite as serene as being the last one in bed, taking a late night shower and enjoying the quiet for a while before turning in.

The furthest we ventured from the house today was to the mailbox. After yesterday, I'm OK with that, too.

Yesterday we were running here and there and everywhere all day long and by the end of it I was hot and exhausted. 

Today was a day full of kisses and fuzzy baby head rubs and breathing in that perfect baby smell and squishing his pudgy little feet. We needed a calm day, and you better believe we took it.

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  1. Oh man what a sweet Lil guy you have! Your blog is darling... Those sweet moments where he is sleeping are such great memories... Memories of him peaceful and memories for you to get things done:) good job running!
    PsThanks for stopping by today:)

  2. aw a baby sitting in your lap and blowing bubbles at you must be the sweetest thing :) and you taking a run while so busy is quite the dedication! kudos for that :)

    xo Marlen
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