Whirlwind Vacation: Part 3

5:53 PM

After Kansas, we all drove to Arkansas for a weekend at the lake. I've never really done a "lake weekend" before and I LOVED it. The house we stayed at was perfect and right on a bright blue lake. The water was a little chilly, but the sun felt amazing. After working inside/being pregnant and sick last summer, my skin hasn't really seen the light of day in about 2 years. I am in serious need of some sun!
First time on jet skis. So fun.
Colton being a lake stud
Jaxon and Colton liked grabbing Milo's feet while I was feeding him. Also, explaining nursing to Jaxon was really cool. "Where's his bottle?" "He's eating your blood?" "So when I get big I can feed babies milk too?"
The seconds prior to a big spit up are always so serene.
Milo's new favorite toy! Who cares that his feet don't touch the ground of it?
Madi and me sunbathing. I love her.
Oh that Trevor. Always keeping things interesting.

Cousins and their Uncle Seth!
All the cousins. I love it!
It was a pretty perfect trip. So glad we got one last trip with Seth before he leaves for Brazil in July!

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