12:01 AM

 See what I did there? That's how I greet people now. Cause I live in Texas.

Seriously though, I'm in love with this place.
It's 1:39 a.m., my babe(s) just fell asleep, I'm listening to the dryer finish a load, catching up on work because we finally just got internet, and taking a second to breathe.
My boy on packing day. It was taxing, clearly.
This morning I woke up to a thunderstorm. I listened to it roll through while I was cuddled up with Milo in bed feeding him. Then I walked out to the front yard of our apartment which is about as on the edge of this little Texas town as we can get, warm, post-rain wind blowing on my face, massive, flat fields in every direction, and felt more at home than I ever did in Utah.

Traveling with Milo was...
I'm so evil... it's just that... his crying face is still so cute!
We sat in the backseat the whole way. All 3 days of the drive.
Milo's seat was in the middle. Want to know how much he likes sitting in his carseat?
He doesn't. Unless he's asleep.
If he's awake, he is so NOT thrilled to be strapped in. I can't complain, though, that he loves me SO much that he wants to hang out with me all the time. I LOVE cuddling that boy, and I'm getting some killer toned arms to boot.
Don't tell anyone, but I spent the better part of the trip across New Mexico wrestling my 7 week old sweet baby boy in the 6 inches of backseat I had. And oh, how fun that was.
And yes, for part of the drive I DID have an empty cheezit barf bag in one hand and a bottle in the other. But hey! We made it.
We even took him swimming! And he loved it! Another fishy in the family!
My sleepy, sleepy baby who refused to fall asleep!
The second we walked in the apartment (which is amazing- another post for another day), it felt like Milo sensed that we were home. After 4 fussy days of upheaval and fussiness and not sleeping, he passed out almost immediately and has been completely back to himself ever since. He has some pretty keen senses, and I love how much he likes to be home and at peace with his mom and dad, even at the ripe old age of 8 weeks.
He also likes to sleep on my face. I melt.
So- essentially, I'm in love with our new home
I'm really tired
I'm happy Milo is happy
And I'm going to bed!

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  1. that bottom picture is the cutest thing ever! glad you made it!!!