2:54 PM

This last week has been full of final goodbyes. I generally try to avoid them like the plague, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. It's worth it.

One of the things I have loved most about living here is that I've gotten a chance to know some of my family better. I have a few cousins and my grandma who passed away last year who have all lived here while I was here, and it was so fun getting to hang out with them all the time!

Last Sunday we went to my cousin Kristine's house for dinner. I have LOVED getting to play with her the last few years! Grandma's cousin party, Christmas party, and tons of holidays will be some of my favorite memories forever. And she is a nurse at the hospital where I delivered Milo! She was the first one besides the delivery nurses/doctor and Trevor and me to hold him, and she got to see him when he was just barely born. I love that!

Her 3 kids all took turns feeding Milo

 And Milo loved playing with his daddy, as usual

 This is Milo's burping position. He loves sitting like this. It kills me.

 Always kissing on this boy!
 We also went over to my freshman year roommate Kanani and her husband Dan's house for dinner. A long post with pictures of all our adventures is to come, but it was a blast and we love Dan and Kanani forever. We have had some good times over the years :)
 Milo was thrilled by this point, not !
It's been SO fun playing with these people the last 5.5 years! We'll miss you!

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