A Day in the Life

8:54 PM

Milo and I, we're kind of inseparable.
We take naps,
drink milk (newborns eat at least as often as hobbits, fyi),
change lots of diapers,
cuddle while I work or eat (me),
be cute (Milo),
Go out in our awesome jogging stroller in the gorgeous weather,
Or the baby carrier that Milo is WAY too small for when the stroller tire pops already,
sing songs,
make funny faces,
take baths,
do laundry,
leave messages for Daddy with baby squeaks,
and oh, so much more.

I'm trying to wean myself of teddy grahams and starburst jelly beans. It's not working yet. But everything is just SO delicious now that I'm not sick anymore! At least I'm able to exercise again. Progress is progress, and I was going stir crazy hobbling around the house in sweatpants. We're venturing out into the real world more often now, and eventually I'm going to run out of skirts that conveniently hide my squishy tum. I just feel really justified in allowing myself to relish in a few weeks of not feeling like I'm going to puke every second of every day after everything I eat :).

Also, we're starting to pack. That's all I have to say about that. But we are SO excited for our Texas adventure!

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  1. He is seriously the cutest! And I'm so so excited for y'all to move to Texas! I know you're so excited to get away from the coldness of Provo. :)

  2. Love my cute nephew! You'll need Tire Slime for your stroller tires. Otherwise those tires will pop a lot as kyle and I found out. There's these tiny thorns everywhere but the slime fills them in as you walk ( or run in your case)...so no worries when a couple miles from home.

  3. he is just the cutest thing ever!

  4. I love how teeny he is!! Squish on that gorgeous little man, because they grow up wayyy faster than they should!

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