When Milo Came to Town

8:30 PM

A birth story with more details and pictures than you ever cared to know (because I don't want to ever forget)!
Thursday afternoon (March 14), I had a doctor's appointment.
After almost 2 weeks of constant, close contractions, I was SURE I would be dilated more than a 3.
When they checked me, they said I was still a "small 3." 
I cried when I got home. Everything hurt from being in labor for 2 weeks and I was aching to hold my baby.
That day I resolved that he likely wasn't going to come early and that 2 more weeks of labor would be ok. Then I walked 4 miles just in case...
The next morning, I had a non stress test at the hospital. They rechecked me and said I was about a 2.5. WHAT. But by then I was OK with it and telling my back to just hang in there a few more days. My tests all came back just fine and after listening to the woman in the room next to me scream her baby into the world, I was OK with waiting a couple more weeks.
3 minutes after I walked in the door, my water broke.
And my head and self said, "score!" 
Water breaking= baby is coming right now!
I called Trevor and he started rushing home frantically from work. I told him I could just meet him at the hospital. He insisted on picking me up and I'm glad he did- 20 minutes later when he got home, I was trying to throw together the rest of my gear in between attempting to breathe through strong contractions.
On the way to the hospital, I almost passed out. I couldn't see or hear and I broke out in a sweat and got really suddenly nauseous. It was scary, but it passed. After kneeling in the grass in front of the hospital through another strong one, we made our way in and I was admitted! BABY DAY WAS HERE!
The next hour got a little crazy.
The contractions were so strong, but I didn't have my epidural yet.
Between contractions, the nurses were stabbing me with IV needles so I could get the epidural, but I was pretty dehydrated (probably from being so sick for so long) and they had a really hard time finding a vein. Don't worry- they only blew 3 before they got a good one. You better believe I have some pretty gnarly bruises.
While all this was happening, I almost passed out again and my blood pressure and Milo's heart rate dropped really low. They think he was on a cord that got blocked when I was lying on my back. There was no worse feeling than staring across the room at Trevor completely helpless while the nurse told me something was wrong and that a lot of people were about to come in the room. Thank goodness they were able to make it stop. Once I got on my side, everything was just fine!
I also got my epidural once I was on my side. I'm telling you- once I was numb, life was good. I have so much respect for anyone who has ever done a natural childbirth. I was numb and happy and dilating fast. I went from a 4 to a 10 in about an hour and a half.
The doctor came in a bit later and told me it was time to push! I pushed through about 4 contractions and they said Milo's heart rate was dropping too low and staying that way after each contractions, and that it was time to break out the forceps.
At this point, I actually felt really secure. The nurse assisting the doctor and the doctor himself seemed really calm and confident. Trevor said he didn't even use the forceps that long and that he used his hands to actually get Milo out. After 3 or 4 more contractions, I heard the best sound that has ever existed- my baby's first tiny yell.
I cried... Trevor cried... and I couldn't believe that little person came out of me. He was perfect and healthy and strong and here and mine.
Next up? Doctor ordered 2 hours of skin on skin. New momma heaven! Done and done.
 We stayed in the hospital for 2 days. The nurses were wonderful, the food was great (I CAN EAT AGAIN PEOPLE!!!), and we were thrilled to stare at our sweet baby all day every day.
One night, we let the nurses take him to monitor his breathing (it was a little uneven and labored the first day) and so that we could sleep a little. I think I ended up sleeping worse that night because I kept waking up hoping they were bringing my boy back to me. I never knew I could be so attached and love something so much.
 Stay tuned for my momma thoughts from the first few days. And for now, welcome to the world sweet Milo. We waited a long time for you and couldn't be happier you're finally here.

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  1. So sweet!! Can't believe you have your own little boy! Time flies!

  2. Congratulations!!! That pregnancy seemed to fly by (at least from this side of the computer screen it did!) and you have such a sweet little boy now! He is a really cute baby and you are just radiating love and happiness in every photo of the two of you! Congrats again, you cooked a good one :)

  3. So cute Danielle! It was fun to read this! The pictures are great too!

  4. Oh my goodness, this melted my heart! I am so excited for you and your cute new family. Milo is so precious and I can't wait to meet him. I am seriously living vicariously through you right now!! Glad to hear things are going good, been thinking about you.

  5. Okay everything about this is perfect. We miss you at work! But are sooooooo excited for you :)

  6. Milo is perfection, he is so cute! I am so glad you are doing well! Let me know if you need anything ever!!! Congrats!!!

  7. The pictures are sooo sweet!! You look like such a proud happy momma! :)