Week 37: The Roller Coaster Commences

10:30 AM

My baby thinks he's SO funny.
Since Monday, I've been having contractions every 2-5 minutes apart. Regularly. All day. Every day. Not exaggerating. And for the record, it's called labor for a reason. Ho-ly-tired. I've never been this exhausted in my life!

Now that it's so close and the idea that he's coming maybe today every day is in my head, I literally can't think about anything other than holding my baby. He is going to be so. Cute. !!!!! 

Monday, they sent me to the hospital. I was only dilated to a 2, so they told me to come back when I couldn't walk, talk, or breathe through contractions for 1.5-2 hours. They backed off after about 1 hour.

Thursday, I had my Doctor's appointment. Still contracting. Dilated to a 3.
This is what being in labor for a week looks like. Thank goodness for cotton.
Friday, I had my non stress test (baby still looks great!). Nurses said, wow, these are big contractions and they are really close. Doctor said, better see how far she is dilated. Any guesses? 3.

I've been spending every day walking as much as possible, trying to get these contractions to kick in harder. Awkward moment (ok, one of them) of the week: when I saw a lady take a picture of me waddling past where she was sitting at the indoor track. You know, since I didn't already feel ridiculous enough. But then again, I laugh every time I see my reflection these days because it's just so crazy that I am suddenly extremely large and pregnant (plus I walk like a penguin).

Saturday around 3 a.m., contractions got really hard and painful and started radiating through my back. Went to sleep hopeful that they would never go away. They lasted all day yesterday and into today (I love you, heating pad!). But, still not unbearable. Still walking, talking, and breathing (all I want is to not be able to breathe, is that so much to ask?). 

Meanwhile, I'm feeling very Ron Swanson, except for I don't want bacon and eggs.

Give me all of the pitocin you have.

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  1. I love this! I'm so excited to see Milo!

  2. You are seriously ADORABLE! Cannot believe the time is almost here!! :)

  3. I hope that little guy decides to come soon!! So excited for you. He really will be soo cute!!!

  4. Oh, that waiting at the end is the hardest!! Hang in there, he'll be here soon!