35 Weeks and Party Time!

10:19 PM

Highlights of the week:
- This little boy has officially dropped and I'm dilated to a 1, so things are just as they should be according to the doctor. I can breathe again!
- Baby dropping= momma waddling even worse than before... very cool.
- Non stress test was all good again. Another one Thursday!
- Tomorrow marks the beginning of week 36. One more month until I'll be holding this little tiny guy!
- Nesting like crazy. I keep reorganizing my closet and going through baby stuff. 
- Sleeping terribly. Too bad black eye circles aren't very attractive.

And the most exciting part: my gorgeous, lovely, wonderful roommates from long ago, Bridget and Stephanie, threw me a baby shower this week! Milo hit the jackpot... my friends have amazing taste!

LOVED my baby shower. My friends are wonderful!

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  1. What a cute baby shower! Loved your outfit too! :)

  2. I can't believe you are 36 weeks, you still look tiny! And by that I mean it in the nicest way, because you look adorable! you are getting so close!

  3. You just amaze me with how wonderful you look so close to the end!! My first one was delivered at 36 1/2 weeks!!! You are getting so close!

  4. Oh my gosh, congratulations!!! You look terrific, babies are so precious, what a wonderful time in your life. Looking forward to the big day.

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