3:15 PM

Among the top 5 worst feelings in the world has to be that horrible instant when you hear metal on metal. Oops.
It's true. The day after we got our other car back from the shop (it's alive again!), yours truly had a bit of a kerfuffle on the way home from work. As usual, totally avoidable, so that just added to how magnificent I felt about the whole situation.

Luckily, the other car was a total junker and the guy just wanted to pop the dent out himself. Meanwhile, we had an extra hubcap to replace the shattered one I attempted to go back for, and Trevor found a mirror for $15 at the junk yard the next day to replace the no-longer-in-existence one.

Here's to husbands who are nice about situations like this. I waited a few hours to build up the courage to tell him, (and he knew exactly what happened as soon as I opened with, "you love me, right? And you know how much I love you, right?" He's psychic) the first words out of his mouth were, "where are you?" (I was already at home). Next up: "That car is tricky; it has big blind spots". And then he came home early to comfort me and so we could decide what we should do. I still feel dumb about it, but thank goodness he didn't feel the need to make sure of it! Love that guy. Men, take notes!

And I mean... it could DEFINITELY have been worse!

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  1. I had something like that happen to be almost a year ago. Except a Ford explorer side swiped me and took off my driver's mirror on the door...$2500 of damages later, my car was as good as new. glad it wasn't any worse!!

  2. That is such a yucky feeling! Glad you are ok, though! What a nice hubby you have to make you feel better about it, and take care of it all for you!