29 Weeks

5:43 PM

So my last post was at the very beginning of 28 weeks, and now I'm 2 days shy of 30. My how things have changed! (Butternut squash sized, my friends!)

--Best part of the last couple weeks was going to the doctor and having him tell me
1. Baby is measuring perfectly! It's always such a relief to hear from someone who knows that everything looks great.

2. I'm not diabetic! Yipee! Also, that orange soda was so not as bad as I thought it would be!

3. I am anemic. Boo. I can't say I'm that surprised, because I want to chew ice all day every day. But this still means I have to start taking iron supplements, which aren't so easy on the stomach.

--Probably the biggest development is that I'm finally, finally feeling a bit better! As in, puking 0-1 times a day instead of multiple! I'LL TAKE IT. Any relief is welcome at this point!

--Energy-wise, I vary. Luckily I can take naps any day I need/want to (which is basically daily, let's be honest), which is a life saver. Especially because my sleep schedule is a little weird (I keep waking up at 4 in the morning and staying up for like 45 minutes before I can fall back asleep). Some days I feel like I could go forever, others I feel like I could sleep all day. For now, I enjoy every spontaneous nap and sleep in day; these will be things of the past in a couple of months!

--Still jogging! We'll see how long this lasts! I pretty much just take it a day at a time. Sometimes it's really seamless and I can jog the whole time and feel great. Others, I just feel worn out or get stomach cramps and have to walk more. This week, I had a few really good 5 milers that felt great. I also had a terrible 4 miler yesterday and walked half of it before just calling it quits. I feel good about any day I do something, though! And I'm really thankful I've been able to stick with it for this long!

--Water retention. It's sexy. That's all. If you need me, you can find me in the bathtub with my feet up trying to help my legs stop swelling!

--Baby boy is still always moving. He rolls across my belly all the time and it's WAY funny to watch.

--To the guys who hollered at me while I was walking home today: way to make a girl feel good about herself at 7 months pregnant.

--Now we're starting to gear up for the fact that we will have a real live baby sooner than it seems! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO BE PARENTS! Slash getting a little nervous to give birth. EEEEEK!!!

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  1. Like you, I got sick all day every day with my little guy. The worst was I ended up with a C-section and the meds made me sick, so even after I wasnt pregnant anymore I was still throwing up. Hope the little guy gives you some relief!

  2. I feel so bad that you have been sick for so long!!!! I have gotten it each of my pregnancies so far, but luckily it's only from about 7-12 weeks, or so. It is miserable...so glad you are finally finding some relief from it!!! You look absolutely amazing- I'm pretty sure your belly is smaller than mine, and I am 16 weeks! You lucky girl!!! I delivered my first at 36 1/2 weeks, and he was 7 lbs. 13 oz. It's getting so close for you!!! I enjoyed labor- sooooo exciting! The fact that you have been so physically active, you will probably breeze right through it:)

  3. You are so tiny!! You look great! I had no energy all 9 months and I slept the entire time.. Almost!

  4. you're SO LUCKY you can still jog!! my doctor said no more for me :( thanks to my slight heart condition. your belly is looking mighty cute!