28 Weeks and 3rd Trimester!

3:23 PM

How far along? 28 Weeks

How big is baby? Size of a cabbage! Almost fully grown length wise... now he has some time to get nice and squishy, just how I like them.

Maternity clothes? Still not (lots of leggings, and I've been stocking up on flowy shirts for a while now!). But I'm thinking a belly band soon for jogging purposes... has anyone ever used one of those? Suggestions?

Stretch marks? I thought I had one, but it was a false alarm. But I wouldn't be surprised if they come soon... I'm definitely feeling like I'm stretching out every second of every day!

Sleep? Great. Still on my front/side. Wake up CRAZY thirsty all night and sometimes I'll wake up at 4 in the morning and have a hard time falling back asleep because baby decides it's party time. But I like his crazy wiggling, so all is well.

Symptoms? Still sick. Surprised? Also, lower back pain is starting to accompany this slight waddle and wonky posture I've developed (it's super attractive!), but Trevor is a saint and works out my knots every day. Let's chalk it up to good practice for his physical therapy career!

Best moment last week? Realizing that he is big enough that we can both feel him kicking with our whole hands at one time. I LOVE how much he's growing!

Movement? He can kick all the way out to my sides and all the way up to my ribs (and reach my ribs and bladder at the same time!). And holy moly, he is STRONG! My internal organs get sore from playing punching bag all day. He also gets the hiccups now! It pretty much feels like little stomach spasms to me, but it's pretty darn cute thinking of him hiccuping in there.

Food cravings? Cholula hot sauce? Don't ask. I couldn't explain if I tried. Also, still protein. 

Food aversions? Asian food... maybe indefinitely. I also have way less of a sweet tooth now than usual (which tends to manifest itself in a desire for all things salty).

Gender? BOY! And pssst... I think we're going to name him Milo!!! 

Labor signs? I get Braxton Hicks contractions a lot, and I have for about a month now. They don't hurt at all, my belly just gets crazy tight for about 20 seconds and then relaxes. 

Belly button in/out? Out on top. Flat on bottom. Any day now it's going to POP!

What I miss: This answer will be exactly the same every time I do this survey: I miss zero things about not being pregnant. Any day of headaches and puking and exhaustion is better than a day of feeling great and not being able to get this baby on the way!

What I am looking forward to: ... glucose test on Thursday? Kidding. That juice has been sitting in my fridge looking nasty for a month! But I do like those monthly checkups where I get to hear his heartbeat and check up on him. 
We're starting to do a lot more to prepare for this little guy, too! We have all his stuff in his room (my parents got us a pack and play, bouncy seat, exersaucer, and baby swing right when I found out I was pregnant- we love it)! We also have a bunch of great clothes/shoes/baby toys that we got for Christmas gifts. I love looking at all the tiny pajamas and knowing that pretty soon I get to cuddle a little tiny baby in them! And he will be mine! And I will be his!

My Question to You: Stroller suggestions? Carseat suggestions? Diaper bag recommendations? Baby gear you can't live without? All you experienced mommas, HELP!

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  1. Oh my goodness, you are so tiny! (I hated hearing that but you'll be grateful the last month of pregnancy that you are so small! It DOES get uncomfortable!) I'm just so excited for you! The time is going to fly and you'll be holding your precious boy before you know it!
    P.S. Happy belated Anniversary!!

  2. yay! that bump is really starting to show! oh, it's just so adorable.

  3. We are by no means experts on all this, but I will share a few things that worked well for us. We have a jogging stroller that is the travel system, and that was SUPER handy for us. I liked that we could easily snap the car seat right in and out when baby was little, and I would highly recommend the jogger for you! For this baby, we are going to need to get a 2nd base, though, because we do lots of taking turns with pick ups/drop offs, and its just easier to have that base in the car! One thing that both of ours loved (and I anticipate 3 will be the same :) ) is the Bounce-a-roo. Our kiddos LOVED that thing from little on!!! Hope something here helps- and you are looking amazing!!!!

  4. You are the cutest! Super excited for you guys. My main diaper bag recommendation is to find something Trevor will be willing to carry around. :) Maybe he's less picky than Simon, but he didn't want to carry around something flowery, so we just use a backpack. Not super cute, but nice, since I don't have to carry it much, and I think it's better on your shoulders than a side bag... Oh, and yeah, the glucose test is TERRIBLE!!! But worth it, as is everything...

  5. Milo is an awesome name. :) You totally don't look like you should be in your 3rd trimester!!

  6. I'm a little late here, but Chico travel system!! so easy to use and cute :) I'm pretty sure they've even got a chevron pattern! (Newest reader :) )