When Trevor is Away...

4:12 PM

Danielle will hide inside from the snow all weekend and get the crazy flu!
I'm talking passing out on the bathroom floor crazy here people- not fun.
Luckily the worst of it only lasted about 10 hours. The rest of the weekend has been achey and sore and full of chick flicks and rehydration. (At least I got a little shopping trip in the day before :))
This is the best ever. Totally underrated.
Whenever Trevor is away (which has only been a few times- we're lucky!) I'm a big wimp about it. I sleep in his shirt on his side of the bed with the lights on. In my defense, you would too if you lived in a house built in the 1800's, right?
Found these beauties at Papaya for $7.99 and naturally got it in all 3 colors. It's super long and has elastic cinched sides... room for baby boy to grow!

Tonight's big plan is to set up the Christmas tree while I wait for Trevor to get back.
And here's the thing... this week looks a little something like this:
Monday-Wednesday: Work, shop for Trevor's birthday, get my nails filled (call me high maintenance but it's only $17 to get them redone for the holidays- might as well, right?), and pack.
Thursday: Leave for KANSAS! For a week and a half!
Classic for a sick day.
I. Can't. Wait.

After that, just a few weeks until Trevor graduates (hallelujah!!!) and we leave for Las Vegas for Christmas!

Moral of this story: I have limited time to enjoy my Christmas tree. Might as well get started on it early. I mean honestly- I've been listening to Christmas music for weeks now.

Hooray for our winter wonderland coming nice and early this year!

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  1. Those are some cute shirts. I've never heard of this Papya store.
    Ahh sorry you didn't feel good. We could have taken care of you. It's not fun being sick and alone.