Those Perfect Moments:

11:52 PM

When you're already a hot mess because you feel dumb for messing stuff up at work,
And then you ask your husband if he'll clean the bathroom today because it's gross and scary in there
And you really don't want to do it,
And he responds with, "yeah sure". 
And then you maybe tear up and say, "really, you don't mind?"
And he says, "I never mind".
That, my friends, is true love. 
(Especially if you've seen our 130 year old bathroom.)

And then, when you watch your favorite movie (A Beautiful Mind) with him,
And he says, if I ever go crazy, put me in an institution. I'm big. If you went crazy I could just pin you down and it would be no big deal.

And when he brings up "how crazy it is that we're going to be super old together someday".

I'm glad we get to be crazy and old together someday.

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  1. You guys are so cute. You're going to be the best parents!

  2. aww danielle this is the cutest post ever! xx