Jumping the Gun

7:47 PM

Some of us may be a LITTLE too excited to decorate for the holidays already.
Can't help it-
I just love hot cocoa and lights and carols so much!

Seriously though... how early is too early?

I'm thinking my tree will be up before we leave for Thanksgiving.

I think my brain just skips Halloween altogether these days.
Being married without kids and living in a college town, there isn't a whole lot going on for Halloween. No kids to take trick or treating, and we've never had one person show up to our house asking for candy. Next year I'm sure I'll care to celebrate more with a baby and hopefully some kiddos living nearby. But right now, I'm trying to hold myself back for JUST a little longer before entering full blown Christmas mode!

In the meantime, even though we're saying boo to the pumpkins and ghosts this year... 

Happy Halloween to you all :)

P.S. Baby Update Here!

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  1. It can't officially be Christmas till after Thanksgiving!