Fall Favorites

12:51 PM

I've already said that I love fall! 

But let me just say it again.  I really, really, love fall!  The weather here is a little nuts-o, like 55 degrees one day 85 degrees the next, but that's okay.  We are used to it by now.  Here's what we've been lovin' about fall: 

hikes in the mountains (in Utah)

dressing babies up like chickens, he's my third kid to wear this costume, it's my fave!

corn mazes and pumpkin patches

insanely delicious dessert, seriously, this stuff is deadly: white chocolate, candy corn, reese's pieces, nuts, pretzels and oreos!

bike rides through the s-l-o-w-l-y changing leaves, they don't really turn until around November here

favorite lunch ever: soup + cheese + crackers + coke zero= happy me!

What are your fall faves?!

Also, please read this and help if you can. 
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  1. The baby chicken outfit is so precious! I want one for my future babies!

  2. I will always love the baby chicken costume!!! Especially on your babies :) And Mmmm that candy corn deliciousness looks amazing! Also, I'm eating soup like every day lately. SO good.

  3. had soup & cheese yesterday :)

  4. Your kids are absolutely adorable! I Love the cute chicken costume.