Sewing... fail.

6:49 PM

Remember how my perfect sister always makes incredible sewing creations and dresses her kids and home with them?

I, unfortunately, have yet to master (or even scrape the surface of) this skill.

A bunch of girls in church got together and made maxi skirts a few weeks ago. I got the pattern and decided to try one myself. Disclaimer: knit is hard to work with. I've heard it from my mom and sister multiple times, but still... all the girls could do it... just a few straight lines, right?


Knit is So. Hard. To. Measure. How much stretch do I really want? How long should it be? At least I remembered to preshrink. Unfortunately, I failed MISERABLY at the cutting part. It turned out way too short- even on 5'1" me- really tight on the booty, and really awkwardly mermaid flared on the bottom. There are also little weird puckers in the fabric all over the place.

Oh, and I sewed the waistband in backwards. Not sure how that happened.

I tried to seam rip and salvage more times than I want to talk about. Do you know how irritating it is to seam rip knit? The easiest ripping fabric in the universe? When I finished my project and felt at least decently satisfied with it/hopeful that it was acceptable, I went to show my husband.

His response? 

"Hmm..." (as he strokes his chin and stares thoughtfully).

It was plain black fabric and I have a black maxi dress that I wear shirts over all the time, so I wasn't devastated not to have a plain black maxi skirt. 

However... Now I have some adorable yellow and gray striped fabric that I'm dying to try again with. 
Maybe someday I'll work up the courage to try again, and maybe someday I'll earn how to sew. 

Moral of this story: knit is hard. Measuring yourself is hard. Husbands who can't lie are a wonderful thing. Also humiliating.

Happy October to you! And may all your sewing projects be much more successful than mine.

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  1. I made a knit skirt with a lace over it. I've sewn many straight lines, but this was super hard. It was hard for all the reasons you said above. My Hansen guy says: Interesting when he's trying to lie.

  2. Sometimes I think it would be fun to be able to knit then I think about it harder and realize I probably wouldn't finish much because I don't have a lot of time to do it. So I'll live through everyone else's knitting adventures!

  3. My last sewing project took hours to do something that probably should have only take 10 minutes.

  4. Don't quit sewing it is harder than people think, but each project will be better than the last. I love your blog! What do you think about following each other?

    Much Love,

  5. you are so much braver than me....I don't even attempt sewing projects!

  6. You should share the pattern! And, try it again!