Lucky #13

2:53 PM

Can you believe trimester 2 starts in 2 days? (I hit my week markers on Tuesday. I'm in week 13 now; week 14 starts on Tuesday. Trust me- I'm keeping track of every minute!)

This week I literally could feel my uterus stretching all day, every day. SUCH a weird feeling. I feel like a big time pansy a lot of the time. I'm finally starting to see a difference in what my belly looks like, and it's really entertaining. It also fluctuates depending on how bloated I happen to be that day, but it never quite flattens anymore which is fun.

I had to keep sitting down out of sheer exhaustion/ necessity to avoid vomiting all over the floor this weekend while we were out shopping for Trevor's suit for Garrett's wedding (which is in 12 days!). I feel like a zombie who can't keep her eyes open a lot of the time... but a very happy zombie.

I can't walk through a store for long without having to pee. I kept having to tell Trevor to walk slower until I could get to the bathroom. I also can't get through a 50 minute run without peeing at least once, sometimes twice. I didn't think this symptom happened until like the very end of pregnancy, but I was soo wrong.

Pregnancy brain is for real. I cannot for the life of me keep a thought in my brain for more than about 10 seconds these days. Inconvenient, but funny. I'll be mid-sentence and just have to tell whoever I was talking to that I'll get back to them because whatever thought I was having has vanished.

Big development this week, though: I only got sick at work twice this WHOLE WEEK! This is a big deal. Morning sickness is gradually, slowly starting to subside! 

Speaking of work, I finished training my darling replacement this week and will be starting to work (still for Keller Williams) on my own time and schedule this week. I've been pulling double duty the last few weeks- working full time and then doing my new position at night- and it's been a lot to juggle. I'm so excited to have the transition done and start training for my new work for real! I also got to go on a lunch date with my girl Bridget, which was so fun. Perks of taking a real lunch hour :).

Last night we watched What to Expect While You're Expecting. Every time Elizabeth Banks opened her mouth, I thought: ME TOO!!! Unfortunately, she was the one with the least graceful pregnancy. I'm pretty sure I'll have the waddle down pat in a few months. But if you've seen it, her speech at the end almost killed me. "Making a human is really, really hard". Amen, sister!!! Really hard but I couldn't think of anything that could make it more completely worth it!

We LOVE our little peach baby!!

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  1. You look so great! And it is worth it although my pregnancy was more like Brooklyn Decker's super easy pregnancy. (I think that was her--so I had no right to complain). Love seeing the picture updates.

  2. Awwww you are the cutest little pregnant lady! Even though you can BARELY see the little bump. I hope you start feeling better! Itll all be worth it once the little nugget is here! :]

  3. You are so cute! I love What to expect when expecting, so good!

  4. I'm so impressed with and inspired by your upbeat and positive attitude during your pregnancy. Your smile says it all!

  5. I'm so impressed with and inspired by your upbeat and positive attitude during your pregnancy. Your smile says it all!

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