If Only

11:47 AM

See all this beautiful fabric:

Just looking at these patterns and colors makes my mouth water.  It's just sitting on my sewing desk taunting me.  Begging me to come and create sweet, colorful creations.

And I want to, SO badly.  I just want to get lost for hours cutting, sewing, ironing, and, let's be honest, picking out seams and sewing them again.

But these last couple of weeks have kicked my butt.  We've been to the doctor 6 times in the last 13 days.  Both the big kids started school, so that's two new schedules to figure out.  I have taught two lessons to the 12-18-year-old girls at church.  We've had piano, soccer, playdates, extra laundry from the puking baby, and TONS of cleaning to do to catch up from being out of town (we've been back from our trips for 2 weeks, you'd think I'd be caught up by now).  To top it all off I set a goal not to eat out on weeknights for the whole month of September.  Which really should be how it always is, but I fell into some bad habits this summer and it's so hard to break them.  Especially because this week I've really NEEDED to have a night without dinner prep. and dishes.  But I stuck to my goal!  

So I stare longingly at my pile of gorgeous fabric and pray that someday I will find the time to go and sew.  Because my creative wheels are spinning.  They are spinning fast.  I'm feeling that need to sew and create into the wee hours of the morning.  

Maybe next week.  Maybe. Maybe.

Hopefully very soon I will have fun projects to show off!

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  1. This is a tough time of year! We arent eating out either adn honestly, I didn realize how much I looked forward to that break once or twice a week. It is hard! Crock pot to the rescue :) Hope you can get back to creating soon!

  2. Call me crazy, but I want to cover my chairs with that fabric on the far right. How lively! Sorry you have been so busy. I hope you find time to get back to what you love SOON!

  3. That fabric is amazing!! I can't wait to see what you do with it!
    (Trevor's cousin)