awkward and awesome!

1:59 PM

Awesome: My newly remodeled laundry room.  

Awkward: I tried to use a leftover gallon of paint, which didn't completely cover the wall.  So I bought a "matching" quart.  Well the quart didn't perfectly match the previous color.  I ended up having to buy another whole gallon.  SO lame.  

Awesome: Dying Madison's hair with Kool-Aid!

Awkward: While dying her hair she accidentally pulled her hair out of the hot water, which resulted in her running around the kitchen with RED Kool-aid water dripping all over the place as she tried to escape the hot water in her hair.  THEN the trauma of the experience gave her a bloody nose.  There was quite the mess in my kitchen, but she loves her hair and thankfully got over it fast!

Awesome: My 4-year-old's fashion sense. 

Awkward: I have no privacy whatsoever.  Yes, I was in the bathroom with my phone when I took this picture. 

Awkward: August in Texas sucks.

Awesome: Super-power, edible wrist bands. 

Awkward: Colton is petrified of Chuck-e-cheese.  Would not leave my lap for a good 30 minutes. 

Awesome: Bacon wrapped shrimp.  To die for.  Even more awesome, my husband saved the last one for me.  He's a keeper.  

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  1. Haha!!! The fingers under the door is my favorite!!!! Sweet story of my life :-)

  2. they are adorable! At least your kids stay outside the door mine tries to climb on my lap...

  3. i HATE chuck-e-cheese too, the worst place. ugh.

  4. I loved going to Chuck-e-Cheese when I was younger, but I HATED the characters. They scared me! I hid by my mom when they came out. lol

  5. I definitely wouldn't consider it a bad thing that Colton dislikes Chuck-e-cheese...we're hoping Elyse doesn't even learn it even exists! ha! we can dream right?

  6. Haha. I grew up with 6 younger siblings, and I saw that very sight in the bathroom many a time.

    The Kool-Aid hair turned out so fun!

  7. Lol.. fingers under the door. Reminds me of how we would always follow my mom to the bathroom (not IN the bathroom.. just outside the door.. ha!) . She couldn't get two seconds of peace!! :)

  8. haha, those little fingers peeping under the door... the life of a mom. :) the laundry room looks good!

  9. haha This whole post is amazing. LOVE it! I'm addicted to your blog. Following you back ; )

    I would do the same exact thing with the paint. And I died my hair with red kool aid when I was a kid! Good times!