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4:24 PM

When I'm picking out an outfit for work, I keep in mind these 4 things:

1. I do. Not. Look good in work pants. I.e. the kind with no pockets on the booty, tighter on top with a loose leg, higher waisted... all those things are recipes for disaster for a girl like me who has wider hips and short, muscular legs. 

These are the pants I wear regularly to work. They're technically jeans, but I have yet to be told that they're not formal enough so I'm employing the "don't ask, don't tell" rule and it's a miracle. I hope you're as lucky as me.

I've also been trying to make a point of buying skirts that are long enough, comfortable, and neutral so I can wear all my shirts with multiple bottoms.

2. I learned quickly that there are certain things that make an outfit comfortable to be worn all day, and I abide by these rules because I can't stand having my clothes bug me all day long. These things include:

Super-tight waistbands-
Elastic belts around the middle are good for a few hours at a time, but all day long they just start driving me nuts! Same story with leggings, unfortunately. That much elastic around my middle all day long will not be comfortable. Plus, a big lunch=trouble. 

Dresses or shirts that require extra layers underneath-
Camisoles don't apply- since they don't have sleeves, they don't make me feel overwhelmed by layers. However, I don't like wearing more layers than I absolutely have to; when my clothes get twisted every time I move, I know that outfit is a no-go for an 8 hour work day.

I've scored some really great short sleeve, knee length dresses that require no extra layers in the past couple of years:

Maxi dresses are also great for wearing a shirt over and using as a skirt!

Shirts or skirts that are borderline too short-
Pulling at a skirt or shirt all day to make sure it's hitting where it's meant to is definitely not ideal. 

3. Office buildings are always cold. Yes, it may be 100+ degrees outside but I'm telling you- the office will be 70 degrees year round and that's a little on the cold side for me. This means (in my case) using the space heater straight through the year and bringing an extra sweater just in case.

4. Shoes that produce blisters are not ok. This does not mean no heels- just heels that don't = blisters. If I'm not sure whether shoes will give me blisters, you'd better believe I'm bringing backup because it's downright embarrassing to walk around barefoot.

What are you most conscious of when you're dressing business casual for an entire day with no option to change halfway through?

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  1. Love this. Totally agree about keeping off the extra layers and anything you have to tug at all day. It's all about comfort for me! (And I wish my clothes were as stylish as yours.)

  2. This is a god send, I've recently been promoted to working in the business area of my dental office so i'm in need of some good tips!

    thanks so much!

  3. thank goodness for space heaters! I'm always so tempted to run mine even in the 100 degree heat outside!

  4. I'm so lucky to be able to wear jeans to work - when I'm not in court.

  5. I have to wear scrubs for my job! So many days I wish I had a job where I could dress up/dress cute! haha but then again, I'm lucky I basically wear pajamas all day ;)

  6. It can be 100 degrees outside and I'm wearing a jacket ~ because I freeze at work! ;)

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