8:48 AM

I used to never accessorize. I don't know why. Once I started, I couldn't stop. It's SO. FUN.
My accessories change every day. But there are a few go-to things I wear really regularly to add a little spice to any outfit. 

1. My Fossil rose gold Stella watch (Sarah and I have matching ones!)
It's pretty, classy, and pulls together any outfit.

 2. Scarves. I almost feel like I'm committing a fashion felony if I leave the house in too plain of an outfit, and scarves are a perfect way to bring out neutrals or add accent colors.

3. Earrings. I always have a pair of earrings in. When I'm in a hurry, I have studs like both of these that I throw in; they're perfect for adding some sparkle, but easy to wear without getting caught in my hair, being heavy, etc.

 4. This sunflower necklace from Fossil. My mother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago because it's my home state Kansas's flower and I absolutely love it. State pride + bling for the win!

My other favorites:
A good pair of shoes (duh!)
Lip gloss
Painted nails
Perfume (my favorite is Guess Gold)

What are your accessory essentials?

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  1. love your accessory choices! they do make a difference, huh? just bought an Allora Handmade necklace, it is a great accessory!!

  2. love that watch! I have a brushed gold one with a white face that I love to wear!
    Thanks for the comment on my post. Do you have a dslr? even if you don't, take time one day a week to go out before sunset and snap photos for 30 minutes or so. I think you'll find it helps improve your skills and eye. Practice Practice Practice! :)

  3. i am the same way... i love accessorys but i never buy anything but earrings and nicklaces.

    i love that watch btw!


  4. Cute!!! Earrings are a must for me. :) If I leave home without them, I feel completely and utterly incomplete.

    I hope y'all are having an amazing weekend!


  5. That watch is gorgeous. I need to accessorize more.

  6. love that watch! I've been looking for a rose gold one and that is gorgeous!

  7. I have to admit I'm not a huge accessory fan...but I LOVE earrings!

  8. i always wear earrings when I'm leaving the house..I just don't feel complete otherwise!

    and I love that watch, such a fun switch from a traditional watch!

  9. I'm a total scarf and shoes girl ;-)

  10. Painted nails, scarves in the winter and a ring or two. :)