It's nice, but it it belt-tacular?

12:54 PM

Five bonus points if you name the movie that the title of this blog comes from :)

In case you haven't heard, July is summer fashion month here at the Girlfriend Letters.  Danielle and I are excited to share all of our favorite fashions.  (Disclaimer: we are by no means fashion experts).

My post today is dedicated to belts.  I LOVE wearing belts.  They add the perfect pop of color and style to an outfit and they are just so darn versatile.  To prove my point I got out all my belts and four very neutral pieces of clothing from my closet.  Then I put together as many outfits as I could in 10 minutes.


my new white belt (target), maxi skirt (down east basics), shrug (down east basics)

thick brown belt (target) white shirt (target)

orange belt (target) ruffle shirt (down east basics)

red belt (target, again)

skinny brown belt (you guessed it, target)

thick red belt (down east basics)

In every outfit the belt definitely makes the outfit. 

Also, obviously I only shop at two stores :) 

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  1. Love all the belts...but LOVE that gray ruffled shirt! adorable!

  2. I love the skinny brown belt...especially with that navy dress!!

  3. That last sentence made me crack up! :) Oh, and you look adorable in all of the belts.
    Anyways, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Go ahead, check it out: Liebster Blog Award


  4. I love that red belt! So cute!
    Following you now too!

  5. I am a huge accesories girl, belts in particular! Love!

    xo Shane

  6. It took me a bit, but finally I remembered "Two Weeks Notice"