High Heels

11:36 AM

Let's talk about high heels people. 

The other day at church I was wearing these: 

My husband and I had the following conversation:

Mr. Wise: "Those are some pretty high heels ya got there!"
Me: "Yep! But I'm still not taller than you!"
Mr. Wise: "I'm sorry, but those just do NOT look comfortable."
Me: "No, they aren't really that comfortable."
Mr. Wise: "Then why do you wear them?"
Me: "Cause they're hott!"

And it's true.  Long, lean legs vs. cankles? That's an easy choice, even if I do get a blister occasionally!

I just LOVE me some good heels.  

 I'm 5'7", so I'm definitely not short, but my husband is 6'1". I figure as long as I'm not taller than him I really don't care if I tower over the rest of the world in my 4 inch heels!

 High heels rock, even if they are kind of uncomfortable and hard to chase kids around in.  

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  1. i am the same way... i love my heels even if they hurt! i am 5'3 and my bf is 6'3 so i am no way close to him in hieght lol.

  2. I agree, and those are really cute!

  3. I totally agree! I'm a heels girl all the way. Especially since I am 5'3" and my fiance is 6'2" ;-)

    BTW I love both of those pairs of heels!



  4. i agree! i get stared at enough since i'm already 6'2 so i don't wear them as much as id like to!

  5. I love heels in theory.

    But I'm 5'8 ... and I feel like a giant when I wear them. Its terrible. I WANT to be stylish and stuff! But I don't want to feel like a giant!