The 913

9:50 PM

Today at work, I got a phone call from a 913 number (Kansas!). My heart did a little flip and I got all excited and homesick while I talked to my fellow area code friend. He asked me if I miss it yet... I guess people just know that Kansas is a place that becomes a part of you fast and never lets go.

There's something about the summer nights, being out in the middle of nowhere listening to the midnight thunder rolling in that will always be my favorite thing in the whole world. 

I could really go for a giant field of these right now:
and catching some of these.
Followed by falling asleep to one of these.
Kansas really is the best state.

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  1. it for real is. it's the BEST. i'm going to kansas tomorrow morning to go through the temple :)

  2. Catching fireflies sounds like so much fun right now! We should maybe do that tonight as we celebrate our anniversary:)