Summer Lovin

1:30 PM

I love summer.
Last night we went on a late night walk and I'll never get over how much I love warm summer nights (Utah doesn't have them so much, but I was reminded of the warm, stormy nights back home). 
I love rolling down the windows. 
I love that it's easy to wake up when it gets light out before 7 in the morning. 
I love popsicles every day.
I love my birthday (I know it's conceited. Can't help it. 8 days!)
I love swimming.
I love getting tan (not so much happening this year sadly). 
I love not needing to bundle up in my own house.

I also love happy husbands who got the grade they needed on their chemistry finals!

And freshly bleached roots. Best feeling ever!


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  1. i love that thing about waking up early.
    fresh air and the tranquility.
    so calming and peaceful.

  2. Summer is the best, especially at night. There's nothing better than an evening summer walk (especially when the ice cream truck stops by.) Happy early birthday!