Just What the Dr. Ordered

6:11 PM

This weekend was perfect. 

After a few weeks of whirlwind company, traveling, and craziness, I got to take it easy for 2 days. This meant sleeping in and taking naps like a champ, perusing Target, watching movies, Pinterest (it was time to catch up people!), cleaning my apartment, therapy sessions with my sister, and hanging out with my boy. I'm feeling much more ready for another work week after a perfect weekend. 

I found these new running shoes for $25 at Target. I know it sounds sketchy, but I've actually loved them so far! I'll let you know how long they hold up, but my fingers are crossed.

And can I say- I'm ADORING this warm weather! In fact- I think it's about time to go out on a walk right about now.

Here's to the weekends!

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