Happy 22nd to my favorite sister!!

12:05 PM

Yesterday was Danielle's birthday!  And since I'm a super awesome sister I didn't send her a card or anything.  (I meant to.  I'm going to.  But Madi insisted on picking out a card and then she put it down somewhere in the store and I haven't had the chance to get another one... cool I know.)

Anyway, I thought, since I dropped the ball on the card, I would at least share some fun pictures and stories about my favorite little sister. 

Christmas long ago while Danielle was still living at home and I came to visit

Baby Madison!

Spring Break in Utah! !e made matching dresses because we are cool like that (it's okay cause we never actually saw each other so we didn't wear them at the same time :)

 Danielle started college at BYU!  I came out to help her move in!

 Danielle came to TX to meet baby Jaxon before moving to Hawaii for the summer (lucky girl!)

5K run it Texas!

Danielle's wedding!

Hawaii trip, that's Chris with Danielle, I was huge pregnant, not cute

Ice skating with the kids last Christmas

And now I will share some funny stories for you:

- When we were little we used to play "Weirdos" which was probably the most ridiculous game ever.  It involved singing weird songs and doing formations!

- One day when we were really young we were playing legos and our brother and I were trying to tell Danielle that she wasn't really doing it right.  Danielle got mad and we told her,"We're just giving you constructive criticism." (I'm sure we weren't really being that constructive.)  Danielle promptly said, "I'll give you some constructive criticism," and smacked us.  It's been a family joke ever since.

- Poor Danielle spent hours and hours being my doll.  We played princess all the time, which pretty much meant I got to dress her up and do her hair, which she hated!  BUT now she's glad I have mad hair-braiding skillz!

- Once when I was 13 and Danielle was almost 7 we got lost at the statue of liberty while on vacation.  Danielle started freaking out because she really thought our parents were going to leave us there!

There ya go!  A little peek into Danielle's past!  Happy birthday lady!  You're awesome!

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  1. HAHAHA I totally love the constructive criticism. way funny. At least you guys have been to the Statue of Liberty, Im a Jersey girl and I have yet to get there. Maybe this year, ill make it.Happy Belated Birthday.