Fashion Evolution

1:47 PM

Back in the day I made a pact with myself that I would avoid the following fashion trends: 

- jean leggins (aka. jegings)

- wearing heels with jeans

- wearing belts as an accessory rather than to hold up pants

- tucking my sweats into my boots and tucking my shirt into my sweat pants

Obviously, I've done really great at keeping at avoiding those things! It's funny how your interpretation of what is cute changes over time!

(just for the record that last pic. is a joke, I don't really do that :)

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  1. Haha so true!! I felt the same about flared jeans back in the day. .

  2. I said I would NEVER wear skinny jeans. My sister is quite fashion forward and wore them as soon as they were "in". I would make fun of her everytime she would wear them and promised she would never catch me wearing those mom looking jeans. And now all I wear now is skinny jeans. hahaha :)

    I love the last picture!! hahahaha It made me laugh before I even read about it! :)

  3. Isn't funny how we can end up eating our own words? I remember thinking the same thing about jeans and heels!

  4. Haha! Love it! I've done this same thing!!!
    The last picture is great:)

  5. Haha this is hilarous! I thought the same thing about the color mint... now I love wearing mint....

  6. I had some of the same rules for myself, but alas trends were calling my name!

  7. I do all the same things :-)